Flowery Dream

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  • An exquisite arrangement of japan-imported preserved flowers (roses, hydrangeas) & foliages (ruscus, wood flowers etc) in a round-shape box with a transparent cover, pick your favourite design from the available options!


    Dimension: Height 13cm X Width 13cm


    Generally can last for 6 months to 1 year with minimal care, follow our care instructions below.

    • Do not put them in water
    • Keep them out of humid places (i.e. bathroom, kitchen)
    • Keep them away from direct sunlight or strong light
    • Store and display in a cool place preferably at temperatures below 35°c
    • Do not press, bend or squash the petals or stems


    Suitable for all occasions.


    We accept bulk order. Please contact us by dropping an email at feeltheflowers@outlook.com if you are ordering more than 10 bouquets in one order, special rate will be applied.


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